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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Idea Lab Syllabus

Week  1: Introductions, Workshop—The Creative Process with guest speaker Rene’
Urbanovich. (

*Homework  (due week 2): Research terms  ‘Narrative Illustration’ and ‘Conceptual Illustration.’ Define in your own words (1 paragraph each.) Composite minimum one 11 x
17 sheet of references for the following: figural images, narrative illustration, conceptual
*Homework (due week 2): Report on one accepted model of the Creative Process. Break
down, describing each stage. Separately, journal your relationship with each stage (e.g. I find the brainstorming process cathartic and energizing; execution seems technical by comparison and therefore as if I’ve lost my inspiration. e.g. # 2: I hit a creative block when…

Week 2: Discuss homework from week 1.
Lecture: Narrative vs. Conceptual Image-making.
In-class exercise: Conceptual image-making.
Dramatic Reading of I.P. # 1 (correlates with Field Trip/Project # 1): The Nameless  Prince- Odyssey of Riddles
Actor: TBA

Week 3:  Field Trip: Grand Central Market, L.A. Flower Market

Week 4: Project # 1: The Nameless Prince: concept pitch, sketches, composite of onsite
research (photos, sketches, notes.) (one narrative solution, one conceptual solution.)
Group critique.

Week 5: Project  #1: The Nameless Prince: finishes due(conceptual and narrative both.)
Class watches I.P #2: Brazil reboot. Format: DVD.

Week 6: Field trip: Olvera St., Union Station, Bradbury Building.

Week 7: Project  #2: Brazil Reboot: concept pitch, sketches, composite of onsite research. Critique.

Week 8: Project #2: Brazil Reboot: finishes due (conceptual and narrative both) Critique.
Dramatic reading of I.P. #3: Stone Lives (Cyberpunk).

Week 9: Field Trip: Disney Concert Hall, Angel’s Flight

Week 10: Project #3: Stone Lives: concept pitch, sketches, composite of onsite research. Critique.

Week 11: Project #3: Stone Lives: finishes due (conceptual and narrative both) Critique.
Class watches I.P. #4: Day of the Locusts.

Week 12: Field Trip:  Old Hollywood (The Pantry, Bullock’s Wilshire, The Wiltern,   May
Company Miracle Mile,L.A. Farmer’s Market,Canter’s Deli,  Musso and Franks)

Week 13: Project  #4: Day of the Locusts: concept pitch, sketches, composite of onsite
research. Critique.

Week 14: Project #4: Day of the Locusts: finishes due (conceptual and narrative both.) Critique
All revisions due. Final Presentation (all work from class) due. Munchies!!

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