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Friday, September 19, 2014

First Field Trip!

Field Trip 8AM-1PM *SHARP*

Hi guys!
Such a great class! Hope you are as inspired and excited about the term as I am...
Some of you may know about Idea Lab, a new elective I designed with Ann that pairs field trips with literary prompts as inspiration. We have four field trips planned for this term. I will be letting my rosters from Backgrounds and Visual Development know about each of the four field trips and you are ALWAYS welcome to join. It is a rather small class and we have a whole SHUTTLE reserved! Traveling in luxury!

This Sat. we will be visiting L.A.'s Grand Central market- a truly cosmopolitan, eclectic experience that defies all of L.A.'s stereotypes. It is full of sights and sounds and smells and textures- sensory overload! ( Google it! ) From there we will be walking to L.A. Flower Mart. equally stimulating!

I will of course offer extra credit to anyone who wishes to join us. And bring a sketchbook for location drawings and a camera to shoot reference! WHo knows when you may need it!

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