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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Film Post: Lauren Bacall! September 10th

Extra credit will be given to anyone who attends the Film and Video events posted on this blog. Just bring your ticket stubs to class. And to whomever attends, let's look for one another in the lobby and try to sit together! 

Classics Double Feature featuring Lauren Bacall at the Landmark Theater .


To Have and Have Not:

Help the Free French? Not world-weary gun-runner Harry Morgan (Humphrey Bogart). But he changes his mind when a sultry siren-in-distress named Marie asks, "Anybody got a match?" That red-hot match is Bogart and 19-year-old first-time actress Lauren Bacall. Full of intrigue and racy banter (including Bacall's legendary whistling instructions), this thriller excites further interest for what it has and has not. Directed by Howard Hawks and written by William Faulkner and Jules Furthman, it doesn't have much similarity to the Ernest Hemingway novel that inspired it, but it strongly resembles Casablanca: French resistance fighters, a piano-playing bluesman (Hoagy Carmichael) and a Martinique bar much like Rick's Cafe Americaine.

Murder on the Orient Express:

Murder on the Orient Express is elegant, escapist entertainment at its stylishly European best. This Agatha Christie mystery boasts an incredible international cast of some of the most wonderfully eccentric characters ever created. Ingrid Bergman won an Oscar for her role as the slightly dim-witted, Bible-thumping Swedish missionary. Albert Finney is the dapper detective, Hercule Poirot, for whom murder-solving is a precise, intellectual exercise. Poirot agrees to interview all aboard the famous train's Calais coach, hoping to find the killer of an American millionaire before the local police arrive. Packed with sparkling dialogue and visually rich in texture, this incomparable thriller received six Academy Award nominations. All-star cast also includes Lauren Bacall, Martin Balsam, Jacqueline Bisset, Jean-Pierre Cassel, Sean Connery, John Gielgud, Wendy Hiller, Anthony Perkins, Vanessa Redgrave, Rachel Roberts, Richard Widmark and Michael York.

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